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  • Power
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Difficulty

A master sorcerer with all magical knowledge of the universe. Once shy and awkward, he finds himself in an unusual role of importance to aid his friends.


Assistants of Mana

With all of the universe’s magic at his disposal, Sabson summons magical sprites to his side. At any point in battle, he can command them to assault his enemy mercilessly, one after the other.


Through his Abilities, Sabson has an entire arsenal of counters. He is able to counter all physical attacks and projectiles, effortlessly throwing any attack from his opponent back at them.


Edge Moves

Assistants of Mana

Mana Sprite

(with Assistants of Mana active)

Light Moves

Casual Lacerations

(when close)


(during jump)(when close)


Lightning Sole

Reality Wave


Lamp Trail

(while running)


(during jump)

Hard Moves

Scavenger’s Wing

Time Watcher

Grnym Phrase

Volcanic Force

Flourishing Jade

(while running)

Living Mists

(during jump)

Ability Moves

Cloud of Cenow

Fowarst Flame

Sills Cape

Morancer Mirror

Eothun Bolt

(during jump)

Namorr Wind

(during jump) or

Super Moves

Mollana Charge

Secrets of Grnym


Fate Moves

Fate Advance

any button

Fate Break

(when being damaged or during guard) any button

*All commands are for when the player is facing right.