A vampiric ninja that carries a cursed soul-eating sword. Her sardonic humor and dismissive attitude are true tools to her mission: making people uncomfortable.

Pandy breaks the fourth wall and is aware she is in a fighting game.



Calling on her ninja powers, Pandy vanishes instantly and reappears in a set location on the screen. She can appear both in air and on the ground. Which part of the screen she appears on depends on the direction pressed.


Utilizes her demonic sword and vampiric power, Pandy’s Abilities are sudden and large in attack range. Her killing strikes leave her terribly wide open if whiffed.


Edge Moves


any direction

Light Moves

Shadow Whip

(when close)

Back Stab

(during jump)(when close)

Kunai Stab

Lunging Knee

Elbow Chop

Murky Heart

Tombstone Splitter

(while running)

Airborne Poke

(during jump)

Ground Slither

(during jump)

Killing Mist

(during jump)

Hard Moves

Turning Moon

Raven’s Flight

Setting Sun

Heart Stopper

Slipping Shadow

(while running)

Aerial Moon

(during jump)

Shrieking Wind

(during jump)

Ability Moves


Red Circle of the Bane

Fair Sever

Creed of Hunger

Creed of Damnation

Savage Leap

(while running)

Sudden Slash

(during jump)

Murderous Shadow

(during jump)

Chilling Splatter

(during jump)

Super Moves

Dance of Ashes

(during jump)

Feast and Penalty


Fate Moves

Fate Advance

any button

Fate Break

(when being damaged or during guard) any button

*All commands are for when the player is facing right.


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