How to Play


[1] Health Gauge Player’s current health value.
[2] Guard Meter Player’s current guard value. If the Guard Meter reaches zero, the player will get Guard Crushed.
[3] Lives Player’s current number of lives. When the number of lives reaches zero, the player is defeated.
[4] Fate Gauge Player’s Fate gauge, which determines their ability to perform Fate Moves.
[5] Character Portrait The portrait of the character being used.
[6] Edge Gauge The unique resource gauge of the character being used. Each character has a different gauge that allows them to perform character specific abilities.
[7] Super Meter Player’s current Super Meter value. The Super Meter is segmented into four parts, with each part designating a stock. Super Arts consume 1 stock, while Ultimate Arts consume 3 stocks. Successfully landing an attack and taking damage from your opponent fills the Super Meter.
[8] Time The amount of time remaining in the battle.


DEFAULT (Gamepad)

The default control scheme

DEFAULT (FightStick)

The default control scheme for the fighting game enthusiasts

SHORTCUT (Gamepad)

The control scheme without double-button presses



Every character has an action that is controlled by a gauge, which are both unique to that character. Edges are powerful extreme actions that embody a character’s style.



When your Fate Gauge is full, you can unleash the Fate Attacks to turn the tide. Both Fate Attacks consume the entire Fate Gauge.

any button

(when being damaged or during guard) any button


At any point in the match, you can perform the Fate Advance, slowing down time briefly, allowing you to freely manipulate the current situation to your benefit.

any button


When being damaged or when guarding, you can unleash an invincible energy burst, freeing you from your opponent’s attacks.

(when being damaged or during guard) any button


A throw is unblockable for guarding opponents and is great to break down their defense. When at the point of just being thrown, performing your own throw at the same time will perform the Throw Escape, leaving you unscathed.

(when close)


Guarding is essential to defending yourself. With each successful guard, your Guard Gauge reduces depending on the strength of attack you are guarding. When your Guard Gauge is depleted, you will go into a Guard Crush, leaving you vulnerable for a moment. Your Guard Gauge will begin recovering shortly after.


Jumping can be used offensively or defensively. Pressing or holding down the Jump button will perform a different jump, depending on how long the Jump button is held for. There are three types of Jumps: normal jump, high jump and super jump.


When jumping, you can fly through the air briefly in either direction. This gives you the opportunity to travel in a horizontal line throughout the air at your desired height, having greater control of your movement.

(during jump)


Chain Moves are Light Attacks that can link from Hard Attacks, extending a combo.