A supernatural archer, fighter for all things right and good. She revoked her privileged upbringing to experience the world through her own eyes.



Dove places a Node on her location. Firing any arrows into the bumper transforms it into a large surge of multi-hitting energy. Dove can also rotate the direction of the Node to aim the energy surge.


Ever so resourceful, Dove controls the space with her arrow based projectiles, able to fire it in a plethora of directions. She can fire slow or fast moving arrows, but they leave her vulnerable if they miss.


Edge Moves

Target Lockdown

Unrelenting Blast

(shoot any Crystalight Shot into a Node)

Direction Shift A

(with any Target Lockdown active)

Direction Shift B

(with any Target Lockdown active)

Light Moves

Gladus Mountain

(when close)

Fierce Agility

(during jump) (when close)

Quick Jab

Step Kick

Straight Heel


Anthou Stab

(while running)

Anthou Strike

(during jump)

Gladus Clouds

(during jump)

Hard Moves

Courageous Elbow

Escaping Strike

Gladus Cut

Tidal Wave

Dancing Violet

(while running)

Aerial Kick

(during jump)

Ability Moves

Pure Force

Rising Strength

Crystalight Shot

Graceful Edge

Even Dawn

Angled Crystalight Shot

Air Crystalight Shot

(during jump)

Upward Crystalight Shot

(during jump)

Hooked Crystalight Shot

(during jump)

Super Moves

Amethyst Storm

Mark of Peace


Fate Moves

Fate Advance

any button

Fate Break

(when being damaged or during guard) any button

*All commands are for when the player is facing right.


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