• Health
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Difficulty

An ancient undying spirit of evil. Conniving, sinister and with words dripping with charming cadence, he aims to bring darkness to the world.



With dark energy flowing through him, Doubt conjures a living portal of dark energy on the ground. Enemies stepping in the portal will lose health over time. Doubt can also drag enemies into the portal.


Like his silver tongue, Doubt controls his opponent’s space through manipulating their position. Though he can maneuver them to where he wants them, he suffers from close range.


Edge Moves

Infectious Shadow

Darkness’ Pull

(with Infectious Shadow active)

Light Moves

Dark Paw

(when close)

Dark Influence

(during jump) (when close)

Shadow Part

Minion’s Claw

Evil Swing

Beckoning Bow

Shadow Sling

(during jump)

Hard Moves

Stampede of Shadows

Dark Bullet

Demon’s Breath

, hold

River of Hypocrisy

Malice Cutter

Evil Divide

(during jump)

Ability Moves

Breaking Echo

Demon’s Seduction

Temporal Hold

Swallowing Serpent

The Silencer

(during jump)

Super Moves

Pale Corruption

The Dark Truth


Fate Moves

Fate Advance

any button

Fate Break

(when being damaged or during guard) any button