Update #15:

How is everyone? One month into the year already… who else thinks 2016 is moving a little fast? Wishmere has been out for about a month and so far we are moving the gameplay into a direction that we’re very comfortable with. We’ll be adding some core features / options into the game in the coming updates that will finish setting the foundation for Wishmere, so we’re really looking forward to that.

Safford_BarrelSafford destroys a white barrel before facing Dr. Chaka.

Our second update (Update 2 – Variance) has gone live! For this past week, our main goals were to amend features by adding variance (hence the name!) and adding in features suggested by the community. By adding some variance in item drops and types of ‘containers’ that hold the item drops, it adds some randomization to the game. We’ve also implemented our different item drops such as Super Meter pickups and Supercharged Hope Crystals (used for Upgrades). Each ‘container’ has different drop percentages, so they are not just for aesthetic purposes!

Dove_HealthBarsEnemy lifebars give players the ability to target weakened foes.

As for suggestions by the community, we’ve added in visible HP bars for all enemies, so you know just how much punishment you’re inflicting to the poor badguys. We feel that this is a great addition as it really adds some strategy and anxiety to get rid of the enemies that are near-death.

We’ve also made the defensive tools (both the Codex Block and the Codex Barrier) in the game more viable, by increasing the defensive active frames and decreasing the recovery time for both. We’d like the game to be a melding of both offense and defense, so it is important to get the defensive tools right, while keeping the transitions from defense and offense very easy.

Earle_SA3Earle’s new Super Art 3 is a devastating flurry of attacks.

And finally, we’ve added in all the Super Arts for the currently playable characters. As we launched the game with some super moves missing, we’ve now completed all the characters’ movesets. We designed the Level 3 Super Arts to embody a character’s meta, and added high amounts of flair to the moves. We hope they are visually pleasing. Our favorite right now is Earle’s, due to it’s explosiveness and characterization!

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend everyone!

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